Review: The Answer by D.M. Thornton


September 7, 2016 by thequotedpage


The Answer by D.M. Thornton

Series: N/A

Book #: N/A

Genre: Adult, Romance, Contemporary

My Rating: 4 hearts

Cover Rating: 4/5 stars (I designed this cover, so I’m biased)


Chloe Nespoli’s world exploded into a fiery inferno the night a drunk driver hit her family’s car head on. The accident left her badly burned, but the scars she wears only skim the surface of the pain she lives with knowing she’s the only survivor. When she catches the hand of a handsome man, a spark ignites feelings that Chloe had buried with her husband and son. Is Jax Levi the answer for mending her broken heart? Or will his secrets shatter her completely?

The day Chloe walked into Jax Levi’s life was the day the world spun off its axis, knocking Jax clear off his feet. He fell hard for this broken girl and would stop at nothing to help her fulfill her every dream. But he can’t keep his secrets hidden forever and when they start to emerge, one by one, Jax is forced to expose his family’s demons and risk losing the love of his life.

Love runs deep into the soul, camouflaging what’s reality. It leaves you blind and aching, wanting…yearning for more. It’s easy to feel love, to be pulled into the passion…to hide behind it’s mask, but it takes courage to express love in a way that is true and real. Jax and Chloe’s love is profound. Their passion, intense. But life has a way of testing the boundaries of love and for Jax and Chloe, the answer lies within their tangled hearts.


My Thoughts:

There’s a new contemporary romance author in town, and she’s good…really good!

First off, the writing style was great. The characters were very relatable and easy to connect with, which is very important to me.

While I usually prefer a little paranormal or fantasy to go with my romance, I really enjoyed Jax & Chloe’s story. And their romance was sizzling & smexy, to say the least!

And where can I get my own Jax Levi???

If you like your romance reads HOT, I suggest you pick up a copy of The Answer, stat!


*Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

One thought on “Review: The Answer by D.M. Thornton

  1. YAPS! says:

    Another great cover 🙂

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